This is becoming a tendency and a lot of companies now a days, concious with the nature, are planing their incentives in this informal way. Lost in the nature, close to the countryside, away from the large cities. The aim is to have direct connection with the nature and related activities during the program, obviously this may also be combined with visiting Malaga City, but always in an Ecofriendly way! Full of charm, innovation and character, spacious Finca in Ardales lies in the serene beauty of a National Park bordering the Guadalhorce river only 20 minutes from Málaga airport. They host fun and funky holidays, celebrations, Incentives and conventions, family reunions, yoga retreats, festivals and charity events. With the relaxing gardens and meadows, sports and play areas, acres of fruit orchards, plus an ecological vegetable patch providing fresh organic food at your doorstep, this finca is fully equipped to accommodate large groups of guests. Accommodation for up to 150 with yurts, circus caravan, glamping, independent apartments and river cabins. Also the option of self catering is available with well equipped kitchen, al fresco BBQ area and pizza oven but also high end event catering can be organized. In this program the aim is to have direct connection with the nature and related activities, that may also be combined with visiting Malaga in ecological way.  ...
Star Wars on the Events Industry

Star Wars on the Events Industry

George Lucas’ epic space trilogy, begun in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hope, is a phenomenon whose impact on culture is almost too great to measure. The influence on cinema is undeniable. Think about the prevalence of the “trilogy” format, to give just one example (Mad Max, Back to the Future, Christopher Nolan’s Batman, etc). Star Wars’ Jedi-like power has also exerted itself on politics. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan’s orbital defence programme was referred to as ‘Star Wars’. In the UK Census of 2001, over 390,000 respondents entered their religion as ‘Jedi’. In 2013, President Obama joked that the Republicans feared he would do a “Jedi mind meld on them” over the sequester debate (mixing his Star Wars and hisStar Trek references—tut tut). But it is not just politics and cinema that has succumbed to the Force. The events industry—often a barometer of cultural trends—has also by no means been immune…. Aside from more obvious examples, such as Secret Cinema’s Empire Strikes Back 2015 event in London (described by the Times as “merging movie going with interactive theatre and nerd encounters worthy of a sci-fi convention”), the Star Wars franchise has influenced the events industry in other, more subtle ways. Think of the cantina where Luke Skywalker first meets Han Solo and Chewbacca—its cool blue lights and rows of intimate booths facilitating the debate and discussion encouraged at corporate events (hopefully minus the laser gun fight). Or Princess Leia appearing by flickering blue hologram in an eerie-foreshadowing of a CEO addressing her employees by hologram at a corporate event in 2015. Or compare a multi-lingual robot like C-3PO...


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