Saint Jordi in Barcelona

Saint Jordi in Barcelona

Saint Jordi in Barcelona

Celebrate Saint Jordi in Barcelona.

The legend of Saint Jordi tells the story of a heroic knight, a dragon and the princess.

The evil dragon terrorized the neighbors of a small village of the Conca de Barberà so, to avoid their attacks, they decided to give the dragon two sheeps daily. But it was not enough … so when they finished with all the animals they had, they decided that they would make a draw among the population and they would give the dragon one person each day to feed him.

But the day came when it fell to the king’s daughter who, in tears, pleaded: “Forgive my daughter and I will give you all my gold and half of my kingdom”, but the people refused. Suddenly, when the dragon was about to eat the princess, Sant Jordi appeared riding on a white horse with his spear and golden shield to save the princess from the claws of the beast.

Sant Jordi raised his long spear and stuck it in the center of the dragon’s heart, wounding it to death. Suddenly, from the spilled blood of the dragon, a rose rose with roses. Sant Jordi took a rose, went to the princess and gave it to her, while the princess wrote a love poem to the gentleman. For this reason, on the day of Sant Jordi (23 of April) men give a rose to women and women a book to men.


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