LA Organic by Philippe Starck

LA Organic by Philippe Starck

LA Organic by Philippe Starck


Visiting LA Organic finca in Ronda designed by Philippe Starck and learning about olive oil production and organic products through oleotourism has been a great experience that we like to share with you.

This Organic olive oil finca has 26 hectares of olive trees some 800 years old, surrounded by mountains and nature has fascinating views to the nature in Ronda. Here we can find also a chapel and an ecological farm were the fruits and vegetables and hand picked to be used in the restaurant and hotel. They carefully follow all steps to make the liquid gold, so its called the olive oil in Spain, in the most sustainable and ecological way. Olives are collected by hand and processed carefully.

After a very pleasant walk through the finca, enjoying the different art pieces of Philippe Starck, we can see and learn about different olive trees and olive types, flavours and process, great memorable experience! They will soon create a Olive oil museum that will be integrated with the nature with ecological materials and ecosystem.

In LA Organic finca there is a charming boutique hotel with 5 rooms, where you really feel at your countryside house in Spain.

This location offers a great variety of possibilities when organizing your event, in the nature and 50 minutes from Costa del Sol. What else?…

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