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Spain provides a variety of destinations for your events. Each region offers its own rich cultural heritage of unique beauties and colours combined with a modern up to date infrastructure. Make your choice:



Cosmopolitan, Modern, Vibrant, Gastronomy

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Europe and a favorite with the events market, gorgeous, modern, friendly and fashionable, with fabulous natural surroundings, outstanding art treasures and a Mediterranean lifestyle

Open to every innovation, warm, welcoming, multicultural and diverse. A city to live and share. Barcelona is the capital of astonishing cultural energy and a passion for progress.

Fanciful architecture and hip restaurants have come together with the sunny southern Spanish climate and beaches to transform Barcelona in just a few decades from rough port city to one of Europe’s—if not the world’s premier destinations. It is simply the city that offers almost everything to everyone.

Tradition, Culture, Actual, Friendly

Ever since Felipe II decreed Madrid to be the capital of Spain in 1561 the city has been a cultural melting pot. It is famous for the warmth of its people, its passion for football, the diversity of its cuisine (from traditional tapas to cutting-edge culinary delights) and its stamina-testing nightlife. Culturally the capital boasts 3 world-class museums, is home to the Oscar-winning directors Pedro Almodóvar and Alejandro Amenábar as well as providing watering holes over the years for the likes of illustrious writers such as Hemingway and Cervantes (Don Quixote).

Madrid is also the name of one of the 17 autonomous regions into which Spain was divided under the Constitution of 1978. Unlike most of the others it has but one province with a population of just over 5 million people of which 3 million live within the city itself.





History, Modern, Art, Leisure

The gateway to the Costa del Sol also happens to be Picasso’s birthplace and with new galleries and a revitalized cuisine the city is set to shine. Its beautiful Old Town, grouped around a massive Renaissance cathedral, has plenty of vibrant life. Malaga is unusual in that it is a Mediterranean city that still has the salty, oily flavour of a genuine working harbour with a proper old town. The city has various good things to do and see, including a Moorish palace and a remarkable botanic garden. And, as the revolution in Spanish food finally reaches Andalucía, there is an increasing number of excellent restaurants, serving the freshest seafood and tapas. Add to this possibly the best climate in Europe and a legion of cheap flights and you have a upremely attractive and unusual destination.

Malaga offers the ideal setting in which to stage congresses, incentives, meetings and events. It offers culture and beautiful natural surroundings and top sport facilities.

Glamour, Luxury, Microclimate, Beach resorts, Golf

Within the Costa del Sol, the town of Marbella will surely capture your heart. It’s the perfect blend of tradition with a modern twist which gives this beautiful town a very charming atmosphere. Enjoy its varied landscape to practice all sorts of outdoor activities as well as offering the possibility of organizing great events in very exclusive hotels. The most exclusive shopping and nightlife in Puerto Banus or stroll along the narrow whitewashed streets of the old town full of colorful flowers.

Stop and have a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants surrounding the world -famous Plaza de los Naranjos. Besides this, we would recommend you to enjoy a relaxing game of golf in one of the golf courses sprawling across the province. On account of the vast amount of courses some people choose to refer to the area as the costa del golf instead of the costa del sol. A real golfer’s paradise and host of the Ryder’s Cup in 1998.

But that is not all, just a few kilometers inland the villagers seem to have rejected any form of modern day hustle and bustle. The little white Andalusian villages in the countryside offer a complete new perspective on life, a pace of living away from the rush of modern society and a perfect setting for any teambuilding activity.





History, Tradition, Art, Passion

Seville, the capital of Andalucia and birthplace of Flamenco, is undoubtedly Spain´s most romantic city. Sevilla is an experience—a mix of Moorish architecture, beautiful 17th-century palaces and clusters of streets and alleys with tapas bars. The flamenco, religious processions and the slow Guadalqivir river just add to the charm.

Steeped in the intriguing history of the Moorish occupation, the city’s unique and special magic casts it spell on all who come here. A visit to the cathedral or to the “Alcazar”, a stroll through the delightful old town with its world-famous tapas bars, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or dinner in one of the typical “cortijos” are just a few of the elements to include in your incentive program.

Flamenco, Horses, Art, Wine

Jerez de la Frontera is a city which typifies all that is characteristic of Andalucia: Flamenco, Wine, Sherry, Bodegas, Bulls and Horses. It has an ideal climate all year around.

Jerez has its own International Airport and high-speed railway station making it an ideal destination not only for incentive groups but also for conferences, thanks to its fantastic hotel infrastructure and convention centre. Its proximity to Seville offers another gateway for international access.

Jerez is at the heart of a very important wine region. It is here where the most important Spanish Sherries and Brandies are produced. Furthermore Jerez is renowned for its horse breeding. The world famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and the Bullfight Museum are located right in the city centre. A further attraction is the former Formula 1 racing circuit.




Vasque country

Culture, Tradition, Modern, Wine, Gastronomy

The Basque Country occupies part of the beautiful northern coast of Spain where it straddles the Franco-Spanish border. It is a unique area – the Basques are the oldest traceable ethnic group in Europe and their language, Euskera, predates any of the commonly spoken Romance languages. Its origins, like that of the Basque race itself, are still unknown.

With its spectacular gastronomy and wonderfully varied architecture. The Basque country has the highest concentration of Michelin Starred restaurants in Spain and the tapas, some would say, are the best in Spain! Bilbao’s stunning Guggenheim Museum has, of course, become the region’s most talked about building both here and abroad whilst no visitor is left indifferent to the elegant and sophisticated city of San Sebastian and its magnificent beaches.

Mediterranean, Relax, Vibrant, Actual

You’ll find enchanting coves, gorgeous sunsets and lush natural landscapes. These are places where you wander through the streets of fishing villages, discover outstanding natural landscapes or enjoy a range of water sports. Minorca and Formentera, two small corners of paradise in the Mediterranean, are absolute havens of tranquillity. Majorca and Ibiza are the two largest islands.

The main attractions in Majorca include its capital, Palma, the Cabrera National Park and the mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana. The city is ideally equipped to appeal to all types of visitors combining ancient and impressive monuments with every conceivable modern facility.

The island itself is full of surprises and contrasts, from rugged rock formations and mountain valleys to hidden coves, wide sandy beaches and open plains Ibiza, mean while, has been declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO for its rich biodiversity and cultural attractions, which include the Phoenician archaeological site of Sa Caleta, the necropolis of Puig des Molins and the historic centre of Eivissa.


Balearic Islands


Canary Islands

Beach, Sun, Landscapes, Culture

Canary Islands, you will discover a magical world, full of amazing natural features. Their 22ºC average year-round temperature will enable you to enjoy the magnificent tourist infrastructures. Hotels, housing development s, water parks and water sports facilities can be found along the 1,500 kilometers of coastline, offering a wide and varied range of leisure activities. Seven islands with very different landscapes and environments, but one common feature – high quality beaches that have been awarded the EU Blue Flag, with a climate that has no room for bad weather. Vast sandy beaches, coves and cliffs provide the perfect setting to enjoy a few days relaxing next to the Atlantic.

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. Spain’s highest mountain, “Teide”, curs the island in two and divides the lush green north from extensive beaches of the south.

Sport and leisure possibilities abound in the year-round sunshine including the change to go whale-watching. The friendly locals, the wonderful climate and the proliferation of new luxurious hotels make Tenerife a leading contender for any incentive project.

Vanguardist, Tradition, Paella’s House, Culture

Valencia can be considered the best kept secret as a destination for incentives, product launches, conferences or congress. The futuristic architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences contrasts with the picturesque historic center of this charming and typical Spanish city. The huge investment made in infrastructure has made many new hotels and conference facilities are constantly settling in this city while still expending in new leisure activities.

Innovative and varying events are possible in this welcoming avant -garde city.





Cosmopolitan, History, Landscapes, Light

The Mediterranean coast of Alicante is considered one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Europe, where foreign culture blends with local traditions in perfect harmony. The whole province is blesses with diverse landscapes and enviable contrasts and the ideal climate guarantees pleasant sunny weather all yeat round wich has earned theee city nickname of the “City if light”.

Alicante, capital of the Costa Blanca, boasts more than 3000 years of history and each civilization controlling the city has left its mark.

Nature, Vanguardist, Tradition, Wine, Gastronomy

La Rioja is, without doubt, one of Spain’s up-and-coming destinations for the discerning traveller.

Now a days the wines from this region of Spain are well recognised in the World and by the best Sommeliers. Rioja has a culinary tradition that with the time is very much improved and well recognized by most of the culinary critics. There is also another strand to the Rioja renaissance-perhaps its most exciting one-and that is the new wave of stylish avant-garde architecture.



dmc Portugal


Neokoncepts is your destination management company in Portugal.
Ancient Portugal is one of the most picturesque places in Europe with its diverse regions, spectacular beaches in Algarve and the green valleys in the north.
Portugal’s historic capital, Lisbon, its volcanic Islands, Madeira and Ozores, create a unique blend of modern structures and historical monuments. Portugal offers a wide range of conference venues, incentive programs and high standard hotels.
For further information about DMC Portugal contact us.



It’s one of the world’s great historical cities, with its sights, cultural treasures and beautiful loc ation.
Its mild climate makes it an ideal year-round destination.
The city of Lisbon is noted for its high-tech infrastructure, a wide range of conference centers and a diverse selection of multifunctional spaces.La ciudad de Lisboa cuenta con una infraestructura de alta tecnología, una amplia gama de centros de conferencias y una variada selección de espacios multifuncionales.

Porto offers a unique blend of traditional and modern urban landscapes: conference centers for different purposes, with a large array of styles (trendy, design, classic charm) and a wide range of hotels for conferences and seminars.





The Algarve is the most popular and cosmopolitan region in Portugal, with a wealth of natural and man-made attractions, from superb beaches and dramatic scenery to some of the best golf courses and marinas in Europe.
The sophisticated, contemporary Algarve perfectly complements the older, more traditio nal feel of this historic region, and along with modern luxury tourism and first-class conference facilities, the Algarve still preserves much of its distinctive charm in the towns and villages along the coast and up in the mountains.
This unique blend makes the Algarve an ideal destination for any kind of event.

dmc Andorra


Neokoncepts your destination management company in Andorra
Some reasons to choose Andorra as next destination for your event:



Andorra is an exceptional destin ation for your events.

Situated in a privileged setting, the Pyrenees, offers 468 km2 of spectacular landscapes,
a unique cultural heritage and a wide range of hotels and shops. Thanks to its tourist
attractions, services and facilities, wide range of shops, its gastronomy and the great
amount of winter and summer activities, as well as its hotels, Andorra is one of the most
attractive destinations in Southern Europe

Lots of experience s for your team

If you like excitement, do not hesitate to do any of the activities we offer: jumps,
mushing, snowshoe orientation, adventure activity centers for all, paragliding or
helicopter flights, without forgetting the facilities for lovers of snowboarding: the Freeride
Area and the Snow Park. You will also have night-time activities, such as the snowshoe
excursions to enjoy the forests and the full moon.





Gastronomy of Andorra

The gastronomy of Andorra is the legacy of the former village people who with time have received and assimilated the influences of French and Catalan cuisine. To discover its essence, you have more than 425 restaurants where you can try the traditional dishes made with the quality local products with which, combined with the tastes of modern cuisine, you will have an unforgettable experience.


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