Event Theming: Choosing the right Theme for your Event

Event Theming: Choosing the right Theme for your Event

Event Theming: Choosing the right Theme for your Event

To be successful, corporate events have to be meticulously planned. Whether you are throwing a black tie bash, a sit down dinner, or something a little sillier, there are certain things which need to be achieved. The event theming, for example, has to be strong enough to draw all of the different elements of the event together.

This is not always an easy thing to do, which explains why so many corporate events end up being rather dull. It is simpler to stick with an uninspiring theme, or no theme at all, than take a risk and attempt something with style and panache.

This guide to getting your Event Theming right first time, every time, will help you to create corporate events which stand out from the crowd.

  • Consider Your Audience

The best place to start is with the guest list. Once you have a good idea of the purpose of the event (look at who is invited and why), you can start to consider the interests of attendees. Don’t just pick a random theme if you can choose something which is specific to the audience. Let Neokoncepts help you create an entirely bespoke theme, which covers everything from the decorations to the props, branding materials, music, colour scheme, and more.

  • Complement the Agenda

All corporate events have a clear set of aims and objectives, but they differ depending on whether the event is internal or external. For example, internal events are about reinforcing employee engagement. External events focus more on promotion and raising brand awareness. You must make sure that your event theming does not conflict with this agenda. At Neokoncepts, we do our own research to make sure that all themes and designs are compatible with the company agenda. We won’t do anything without your approval.

  • Have Realistic Goals

Successful Event Theming requires just the right amount of imagination and practicality. It is always better to throw a great event with a simple theme than it is to throw a mediocre one with an epic theme. Stick with themes that are creative and fun, but which can be pulled off in a way which looks high quality.

  • Be Happy with Your Theme

This point is often woefully overlooked. As an event planner, if you are given a theme which does not inspire you, it is going to be hard to feel enthusiastic about working with it. In some cases, the decision will be out of your hands, but wherever possible, weigh in on the brainstorming and give a personal opinion. If you like the theme, you are going to enjoy putting the passion into making it a reality.


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