EVENT TIPS Now a days Virtual & Hybrid events are working well, but we all know that keeping the attention of the participants is not an easy task, and sometimes attendees fall into the temptation of WhatsApp messages, answering emails and more distractions that we all have experience during this events. When participants start to connect, it seems that everything is ready, but how to start and avoid distractions? What should we do to avoid the “automatic pilot of work in front of the screen” to an active assistant to pay attention, involvement and engagement? The moderator or presenter of the event plays an important role and in your toolbox you cannot miss a good collection of energizers to break the ice. Here some inspirational ideas and tips to make it success. Before we start, we have to be clear what is the goal of the event and what we want to achieve. A good start can be to invite participants to introduce themselves (sometimes this will not be possible due to the amount of attendees though), awaken the group with energy sessions, prepare some activities to work as teams, brainstorming sessions, basically encourage participation if possible. This will be easier if the participant´s know each other obviously. Avoid activities and topics that might cause controversy and consider the different nationalities-languages of the group. Maximum 15 minutes of ice breaking It is not about burning the assistants and leaving them without energy for the session, between about 5 to 15 minutes is enough to activate them and start. It is important to specify the activity, scale it and adapt...


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