If your goal is to be in the nature, in peace, and organize an environmentally friendly event program, these are the hotels that will fit for this program! Definetely different to the usual hotels…. This Tree House hotel is in the middle of the nature and is an alternative accommodation inmersed in the forest and nature. With 10 Tree houses we can accommodate up to 28 pax and every tree house has its own identity and charm. For Nature lovers this is the place to live and experience with direct connection to the nature, tres and the surrounding ecosystem, the pleasures of an exile among the foliage, some nights in a nest placed in the framework of the branches of a beautiful tree. This feeling of freedom and privacy is unique, everywhere you look, you feel surrounded by the ease of the chirping of birds, and the murmur of the hidden secrets of the forest.. The Main House is a typical country house equipped with parking, reception, canteen, living room, showers, swimming pool and terrace garden. The Tree Houses The tree houses are, adapted to the size and to the nature of each tree that holds them, and are feature a rounded shape. Of 30 m2 of surface. The terrace of 10 m2 is thought as a space of rest and of relaxation, with delightful views to the forest and the Pyrenees. The Access to the tree house are through a suspended bridge and/or a vertical wooden ladder. To preserve the environment to the upmost, the tree houses don’t have electric supply nor running water. Each house is equipped with...
How Will Millennials Change Meetings?

How Will Millennials Change Meetings?

Hint: It’s all about flexibility. Here are a few trends to look out for, according to research published in IACC’s Spring 2017 “Meeting Room of the Future” report, which pulled insights from global meeting planners, IACC members, and industry experts. EXPERIENTIAL “Looking forward,” according to the report, “venues should consider themselves curators of exceptional experiences.” Eighty percent of meeting planners surveyed reported that their role involves more “experience creation” compared to two to five years ago. Unsurprisingly, the trend toward experienced-based meetings also points toward an increase in new technology being used at conferences — including virtual and augmented reality. MPI’s Spring 2016 Meetings Outlook report found that 20 percent of meeting professionals said they will use or will likely use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies within the next year. The report quoted Carol Porter, chief of staff, Viawest, about what that might look like: “[AR/VR] will tie into the experiential design, whatever that may be – being at a health-care conference and feeling what it’s like to be a patient in surgery, travel conference showing you VR of a destination, etc.” NON-LINEAR The traditional format of lectures will decrease over time. Millennials aren’t content to have the same information broadcast to them as to everyone else. “Access [to information] has led youth to rely less on info they receive from teachers and parents,” according to MPI’s Future of Meetings research quoted in the report.” Consequently, they are less interested in lectures, and more interested in having their specific questions addressed. Indeed, helping delegates learn how to find answers will be much more valuable than what the...


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