RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER PLAN YOUR TRIP Investigate, when you are planning your trip, the characteristics of the destination which you want to visit and take the necessary measures to keep up to date all the documentation, travel insurance or medical checks that you may need. Also, follow at all times the recommendations of local authorities, especially in case of emergencies. Check the origin of the products you consume to avoid any risk, particularly infectious or derived from allergic reactions or intolerances. CONSUME LOCAL PRODUCTS Support local entrepreneurship through the consumption of products or services produced in the destination and whose direct and indirect benefits are distributed transversally and favor the most vulnerable groups. Likewise, when you purchase a good or service, buy only what you truly need and do it at a fair price; keep in mind that what for you may be small quantities, can destabilize local economies or make a difference in having a more dignified life. LEARN ABOUT YOUR HOST COMMUNITY Learn, whenever possible, about the cultural aspects of the destination your visit (customs, gastronomy, languages or dialects, traditions, heritage…). Be sure to know their social norms to avoid behaviors that may be offensive or humilia- ting for your host community. Also, be an exam- ple of tolerance by creating opportunities for mutual learning with locals and other travelers, avoiding conflicts or unwanted situations. PROTECT THE ECOSYSTEMS Enjoy only products, services and experiences that guarantee the sustainable exploitation of the aquatic and terrestrial resources of the destination and that respect the natural habitat of native or foreign fauna and flora, avoiding animal abuse or the destruction of...
BIO FARM EXPERIENCE, Yoga & Ecological produce tasting

BIO FARM EXPERIENCE, Yoga & Ecological produce tasting

This Bio Farm is dedicated to offering  a real biodynamic organic vision of our products and will introduce you to the new techniques through a presentation tour of our dream Bio Farm in the valley. This old farm  and it’s valley have a history of peace, with eagles, foxes, rabbits and farmers, which will permeate you with  an amazing feeling of harmony. Cooking workshop: Participate in an informal and fun way to elaborate the principal authentic andalusian recipes (i.e: gazpacho, sopa malagueña, Paella etc). Learn and share the preparation and enjoy the final product. All our recipes will be mastered by an authentic Andalusian chef. All the products used are 100% organic. In this activity everyone will learn the benefits of eating Bio Eco food for your body and health, and changing few habits how your quality of life can be much better.  Yoga Lesson in the Farm: What a better way to relax than having a Yoga lesson in a fabulous peaceful natural scenery. This is an EcoFarm where the produce ecological products and obviously way of living goes along with what we eat. In this activity the group will learn the importance of healthy eating and practice Yoga, with a visit to the Eco Farm and explanation of the way they produce fruit and vegetables and all the good benefits and effects these products have on our daily way of...


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