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BIO FARM EXPERIENCE, Yoga & Ecological produce tasting

This Bio Farm is dedicated to offering  a real biodynamic organic vision of our products and will introduce you to the new techniques through a presentation tour of our dream Bio Farm in the valley. This old farm  and it’s valley have a history of peace, with eagles, foxes, rabbits and farmers, which will permeate you with  an amazing feeling of harmony. Cooking workshop: Participate in an informal and fun way to elaborate the principal authentic andalusian recipes (i.e: gazpacho, sopa malagueña, Paella etc). Learn and share the preparation and enjoy the final product. All our recipes will be mastered by an authentic Andalusian chef. All the products used are 100% organic. In this activity everyone will learn the benefits of eating Bio Eco food for your body and health, and changing few habits how your quality of life can be much better.  Yoga Lesson in the Farm: What a better way to relax than having a Yoga lesson in a fabulous peaceful natural scenery. This is an EcoFarm where the produce ecological products and obviously way of living goes along with what we eat. In this activity the group will learn the importance of healthy eating and practice Yoga, with a visit to the Eco Farm and explanation of the way they produce fruit and vegetables and all the good benefits and effects these products have on our daily way of... leer más

El Caminito del Rey – Malaga

The Gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a natural beauty spot, placed in the centre of the province, between the towns of Alora, Antequera and Ardales. This is one of the most beautiful spots of the Malaga Mountains. Between its steep and considerably high walls, the River Guadalhorce flows, after having passed through the reservoirs El Chorro (The Spurt), Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo. This beautiful area, which hoards historical treasures and gorgeous scenery, lies in the middle of the Province of Málaga, and it is surrounded by the Serranía de Ronda and Antequera. It separates the plains Camplillos, Teba and Antequera in the northern part of the province from the Guadalhorce valley and the fields of Cámara in the south. Different nations have prospered throughout history at this place, which became rich in hydraulic structures and electricity sources especially in the last century. All of them are connected by the humble path called ‘El Caminito del Rey’ that goes along this nature spot – Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, in an unbelievable way. The Gaitanes Gorge is a canyon, carved by the river Guadalhorce in the territory of Álora, which at some points is only 10 meters wide and 700 meters deep. The nothern access to it is via Guadalhorce reservoirs and the southern is via El Chorro. The construction of a water channel from the reservoirs in the north to El Chorro, which was meant to make the most of the slope in a hydroelectric power station, was carried out together with a path for maintaining the channel. This one is known as El Caminito del Rey Path (The... leer más


This is becoming a tendency and a lot of companies now a days, concious with the nature, are planing their incentives in this informal way. Lost in the nature, close to the countryside, away from the large cities. The aim is to have direct connection with the nature and related activities during the program, obviously this may also be combined with visiting Malaga City, but always in an Ecofriendly way! Full of charm, innovation and character, spacious Finca in Ardales lies in the serene beauty of a National Park bordering the Guadalhorce river only 20 minutes from Málaga airport. They host fun and funky holidays, celebrations, Incentives and conventions, family reunions, yoga retreats, festivals and charity events. With the relaxing gardens and meadows, sports and play areas, acres of fruit orchards, plus an ecological vegetable patch providing fresh organic food at your doorstep, this finca is fully equipped to accommodate large groups of guests. Accommodation for up to 150 with yurts, circus caravan, glamping, independent apartments and river cabins. Also the option of self catering is available with well equipped kitchen, al fresco BBQ area and pizza oven but also high end event catering can be organized. In this program the aim is to have direct connection with the nature and related activities, that may also be combined with visiting Malaga in ecological way.  ... leer más

Corporate Event Ideas

Planning a corporate event? One of the most challenging aspects of corporate event planning is coming up with an idea. The event theme is the driving force behind every other aspect of an event, from the invitation to the selection of entertainment and food. Before you get busy with any other part of the corporate event planning process, first pin down the goal of the event. The best corporate event ideas take that business objective — after all, corporate events have business objectives — and use it as the springboard for the event theme and the overall atmosphere of the event. Getting Down to Business Corporate events can set the stage for presenting information regarding a company’s upcoming product launch, a new approach to corporate training, or simply for conducting team building exercises in a fun, engaging environment. As a corporate event planner, your first step is to determine the event’s objective. Is the purpose of this corporate event to reward a sales team for exceeding projections by providing a retreat focused on rest and relaxation? Is the goal to bring employees of two different companies together due to a merger, with the priority resting on connecting people and building relationships? Whether the purpose of the event is business or pleasure or a combination of the two, the right corporate event idea can meet the objective and deliver a successful event. Work to Be Done? Take It Out of the Office For many employees, reporting to work every day at the same time, dressed in the same business attire, with the same people, becomes a grind. While they may enjoy the work itself... leer más


This Experience can really change your life, became part of one of the most desired mortorbike clubs and feel the engine pumping while you ride…this could be a half day activity from hotel to riding the coastline of Barcelona or Costa del Sol and then enjoying lunch in a trendy sea front restaurant. A real biker will drive in their Harley one passenger to feel the experience. Its an exciting aboard, a symbol of freedom, rebellion and provocation, an intense experience that gives you a new perspective of... leer más

How Will Millennials Change Meetings?

Hint: It’s all about flexibility. Here are a few trends to look out for, according to research published in IACC’s Spring 2017 “Meeting Room of the Future” report, which pulled insights from global meeting planners, IACC members, and industry experts. EXPERIENTIAL “Looking forward,” according to the report, “venues should consider themselves curators of exceptional experiences.” Eighty percent of meeting planners surveyed reported that their role involves more “experience creation” compared to two to five years ago. Unsurprisingly, the trend toward experienced-based meetings also points toward an increase in new technology being used at conferences — including virtual and augmented reality. MPI’s Spring 2016 Meetings Outlook report found that 20 percent of meeting professionals said they will use or will likely use virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies within the next year. The report quoted Carol Porter, chief of staff, Viawest, about what that might look like: “[AR/VR] will tie into the experiential design, whatever that may be – being at a health-care conference and feeling what it’s like to be a patient in surgery, travel conference showing you VR of a destination, etc.” NON-LINEAR The traditional format of lectures will decrease over time. Millennials aren’t content to have the same information broadcast to them as to everyone else. “Access [to information] has led youth to rely less on info they receive from teachers and parents,” according to MPI’s Future of Meetings research quoted in the report.” Consequently, they are less interested in lectures, and more interested in having their specific questions addressed. Indeed, helping delegates learn how to find answers will be much more valuable than what the... leer más

The secret of successful Social Media for Event Planners

Social media has fast become the smart way for event planning professionals to market, plan and implement their events. But, with the speed at which social media moves and updates, are you confident that you’re keeping up? If you’re unsure, try these tips for creating a successful strategy in social for your event planners.   Why Should Event Planners use Social Media?   Keeping an active social media presence should be an essential part of your marketing strategy, and even if it seems overwhelming at first, it’ll soon become second nature to you. I’ve talked before about creative ways to use social media specifically for events, but now I’m going to go into more detail about how your social media strategies can boost your event planning business as a whole.   6 Social Media Tips for Event Planners   Social media is a huge part of marketing for any business, with Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being only a selection of the different platforms available to entrepreneurs. So how do you make the most of these tremendously valuable channels?   Take it One Step at a Time   If you’re completely new to the world of social media, or your event planning business is in the fledgling stages, concentrate on one social media platform at a time. If you’re trying to get a number of different social media pages going at once it can seem overwhelming, so start with one, master it and then move onto the next.   Make it Personal . . .   Even though it’s your business page, giving all of your social media for... leer más

TravelMarketing New Partnership

TravelMarketing New partnership, we are continuing to strengthen our international presence by securing a new partnership with Benelux Representation Company, we are delighted to announce that we are partners of TravelMarketing from 1st of January 2017. TravelMarketing is a market leader in mediation of relevant travel experiences and handles via their network more tan 1000 tailor-made international experiences. They been operating for more than a decade and represents over 20 other DMCs internationally who focus on the MICE industry. “We are extremely excited about this new collaboration and have every faith in our new colleagues at TravelMarketing to represent us favourably in the Benelux speaking market.” We would like to welcome Kisa van den Berg and Sigrid Scheffer from TravelMarketing to our Salesforce in BENELUX.    ... leer más

The guide to event Management

Start with a goal When you’re planning an event the first thing to determine is the final outcome. What goal are you trying to achieve? Once you know this, you’ll be able to direct all your planning and all the activities towards achieving the goal. This is the crucial thing that will make or break your event. Be adaptable While we hope not to jump through time, Event Organisers do need to be able to adapt to differing situations and circumstances to ensure their events are successful and memorable. From making changes due to differing client opinions, through to having to work with a new contact half-way through a project, these all need to be dealt with in a smooth way to ensure the final goal is achieved. Trust your leader This is an essential lesson: if you’re tasked with organising a large event you have to be able to find a tried and tested event planner who has an experienced team behind them. It’s not just about booking a venue and putting up decorations: its about new ideas just for your event, creating a plan so tight nothing gets forgotten and putting the right people in place for the right job at the right time. The stress of creating an event is huge, but this can be reduced or taken away altogether by bringing in a person you trust, with a team they trust, to do it for you. Keep going in the face of adversity While Event Managers aren’t working to stop the forces of evil (hopefully!) passion has to be a major driving force. When organising... leer más

IBIZA Chic destination for events!

IBIZA, Find the difference in your next event! We have noticed in recent years that more and more companies are no longer interested in extensive seminars and team building exercises involving white board and flip charts while stuck in a hotel conference room. There has been a shift in people’s perception of what team spirit means and that one of the keys to building a successful team should involve an element of fun. Nowadays, corporate trips are more of a bonus where organizers are looking to entertain their employees as well as implementing the team’s identity. If you are looking for the difference in your next event your destination could be IBIZA. In the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is one of the world’s most famous destinations. IBIZA EVENTS: Mediterranean & Chic Still preserving its aesthetic of white village located in a beautifully savage landscape, has become in the last decades the well-deserved prestige of being one of the best spots to hold all kinds of corporate and incentive activities and events. With a lodge display of 1,200 hotels and resorts, Ibiza provides excellent venues for meetings and celebrations. Large spaces such as the island Conference Centre in Santa Eulàlia des Riu, just 25 kilometers from Ibiza airport, this venue is a modern auditorium with a capacity of 500 people. Other special venues include outdoor and indoor spaces which might be fully customizable or preserve the charm of their unique styles, going from the ultra-fashionable to the indigenous chic rusticity.   One of the best known attractions of the isle is the great number of amazing hotels, many of them arrayed near the... leer más

Neokoncepts DMC will be present at IMEX 2016 in Frankfurt

Fuelling new inspiration! 3 DAYS OF APPOINTMENTS WITH AGENCIES AND COMPANIES OF BUSINESS EVENTS SEGMENT Neokonocepts DMC will be present at IMEX in Frankfurt from the 19th to 21st of April 2016 by 3 days of pre-scheduled appointments with the most relevant agencies and companies related with the business events market. During three days of meetings, events and educational programs, Neokoncepts DMC will offer a showcase of the latest news and services for the execution of conventions, incentives trips, congresses, products launches and stands. IMEX in Frankfurt is the most important meeting and incentive travel sector trade show in Europe. The international tradeshow attracts thousands of meetings and incentive travel buyers from the global outbound business events market. Come and meet us at the following booth: Stand E300 Costa del Sol Convention Bureau – click here We look forward meeting you in... leer más

Event Theming: Choosing the right Theme for your Event

To be successful, corporate events have to be meticulously planned. Whether you are throwing a black tie bash, a sit down dinner, or something a little sillier, there are certain things which need to be achieved. The event theming, for example, has to be strong enough to draw all of the different elements of the event together. This is not always an easy thing to do, which explains why so many corporate events end up being rather dull. It is simpler to stick with an uninspiring theme, or no theme at all, than take a risk and attempt something with style and panache. This guide to getting your Event Theming right first time, every time, will help you to create corporate events which stand out from the crowd. Consider Your Audience The best place to start is with the guest list. Once you have a good idea of the purpose of the event (look at who is invited and why), you can start to consider the interests of attendees. Don’t just pick a random theme if you can choose something which is specific to the audience. Let Neokoncepts help you create an entirely bespoke theme, which covers everything from the decorations to the props, branding materials, music, colour scheme, and more. Complement the Agenda All corporate events have a clear set of aims and objectives, but they differ depending on whether the event is internal or external. For example, internal events are about reinforcing employee engagement. External events focus more on promotion and raising brand awareness. You must make sure that your event theming does not conflict with this agenda.... leer más

Star Wars on the Events Industry

George Lucas’ epic space trilogy, begun in 1977 with Episode IV: A New Hope, is a phenomenon whose impact on culture is almost too great to measure. The influence on cinema is undeniable. Think about the prevalence of the “trilogy” format, to give just one example (Mad Max, Back to the Future, Christopher Nolan’s Batman, etc). Star Wars’ Jedi-like power has also exerted itself on politics. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan’s orbital defence programme was referred to as ‘Star Wars’. In the UK Census of 2001, over 390,000 respondents entered their religion as ‘Jedi’. In 2013, President Obama joked that the Republicans feared he would do a “Jedi mind meld on them” over the sequester debate (mixing his Star Wars and hisStar Trek references—tut tut). But it is not just politics and cinema that has succumbed to the Force. The events industry—often a barometer of cultural trends—has also by no means been immune…. Aside from more obvious examples, such as Secret Cinema’s Empire Strikes Back 2015 event in London (described by the Times as “merging movie going with interactive theatre and nerd encounters worthy of a sci-fi convention”), the Star Wars franchise has influenced the events industry in other, more subtle ways. Think of the cantina where Luke Skywalker first meets Han Solo and Chewbacca—its cool blue lights and rows of intimate booths facilitating the debate and discussion encouraged at corporate events (hopefully minus the laser gun fight). Or Princess Leia appearing by flickering blue hologram in an eerie-foreshadowing of a CEO addressing her employees by hologram at a corporate event in 2015. Or compare a multi-lingual robot like C-3PO... leer más

Improve your events with a mobile app

Whether you are organising an internal event to achieve employee buy-in & strengthen corporate culture or an external event to generate sales leads and increase brand awareness; marketers, event organisers and other stakeholders all face similar challenges. Including a mobile app into your event is a fantastic way of ensuring you achieve your goals. 7 Key benefits of investing in a mobile app for your next event:  Increase the lifespan of your event –All too often an event is seen as a disposable commodity. Introducing an events app allows you to engage with attendees long before and after the actual event. Increased interaction –An event app allows attendee interaction from the very outset. From planning and scheduling their time spent at the event to networking with other attendees and much more. Getting personal –event apps deliver the personal touch to each attendee. Providing schedules, seating plans, travel arrangements and much more. Connecting your brand and event directly with the needs of your attendees can never be bad. Branding and sponsorship –attendees now have your logo and information on the home screen of their phone / tablet, effectively with them all the time. As well as increasing your own brand awareness there is the opportunity to increase revenues through sponsorship and advertising on the app. Real time content –deliver updates and key messages directly to your attendees phones, ensures messages are seen without being intrusive. Feedback– Simple surveys pre and post event can help you to make sure that the event meets attendee’s expectations and provides you with the feedback needed to improve for future events. Go green – an event app... leer más

Events amongs vineyards-Catalonia

Cava pairings with oysters or sushi, 4×4 routes, sailing together with tastings with sommeliers, seaside spas, modernist workshops or eco furniture teambuildings in centennial cellars … Penedès is more than vineyards and wineries with tradition. We bring ideas flavored with wine, events and more. From August to October the Penedès lives for the wine harvest … Neokoncepts organize experiences to live it closely: grape picking and breakfast in the vineyard as a true peasant, competitions in teams for grape stomping, processing their own bottle of wine or champagne … Cava & Chocolate to awaken the senses A sensory experience: The cava & chocolate pairing, with visits to the Interpretation Centre Cava de Sant Sadurní d´Anoia, which can be combined with a visit to the chocolate factory. The Center is located in an old distillery offering different event spaces. Some other activities: Classes of Catalan cuisine, a casino gymkhana with wine and cava, geocaching and guidance pathways through vineyards to search for hidden treasures among strains, or one of the most successful workshop, the ´castellers´ (human towers). By land, sea and air From rides in segway, electric bike or 4×4 among vineyards, there are many routes to go on any kind of wheels that offer the wineries around their vineyards. But the Penedès also has a highly recommended coast … We propose sailing and enjoying wine tastings accompanied by a sommelier that can match the sunset, or include a lunch or dinner. Further information contact us at... leer más

5-Star Grand Luxury hotel in Malaga City to open in 2016

FINALLY 5-Star Grand Luxury hotel in Malaga City to open in 2016 One of Málaga’s most beautiful buildings was originally a hotel between 1926 and 1967, it has since been the venue of the Courts of Malaga for the past 40 years. Now a renowned Spanish hotel chain are restoring this magnificent building to its former glory. The opening is scheduled for the summer of 2016. Once finished this will be Málaga’s first five-star gran luxury hotel. The hotel offers an unbeatable location on the sea just a short walk from the city centre and the new port. The ground area covers almost 13,000 square meters, located in the heart of the city, the hotel will feature 200 luxury rooms, the original meeting spaces perfect for major events, as well as its extension of terraces and gardens ideal for outdoor events. The hotel in addition has 9,000 square meters of gardens with mature trees, a grand terrace with sea view and swimming pool. Built by the architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan in 1926 it was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII with the name of Prince of Asturias Hotel, hosting during those times many illustrious royalty guests and European bourgeoisie. During the Spanish Civil War, the hotel became the hospital of the city, until 1939. After the war, the hotel continued its activity as a hotel, until it closed in 1967 because of economic issues. This emblematic building has been closed since the Ministry of Justice bought it and became the headquarters of the courts of Málaga. In 2007, he moved to the current City of Justice, allowing the hotel to recover its... leer más

2 nights for free in Madrid or Barcelona? Discover How …

Greetings from Neokoncepts Are you an agent organizing a trip to Spain for a group? NEOKONCEPTS, your Spanish DMC, is always thinking on you. That is the reason why we launched a promotion just for you! Do you want to visit Madrid or Barcelona? There are thousands of reasons to come. Madrid the capital of Spain, is a vibrant metropolis with much to see and experience. It is the heart of Spanish art, architecture, history, and culture. The city is jam-packed with attractions and encapsulates the essence of colonial and modern Spain. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Cosmopolitan, trendy and charming. A feast for the eye, Barcelona is bursting with Modernist architecture and sophisticated cafes to which it adds a lovely local vibe in order to create the most appealing and cosmopolitan city on the Med. If you confirm with NEOKONCEPTS a group arrival before December 31st, we will reward you with a 2 nights BB free accommodation in a 4* Hotel in Madrid or Barcelona, at your choice. This promotion is valid for: Groups confirmed with Hotel accommodation in any Hotel in Spain before 31-12-15 Groups with at least 3 nights BB Groups with at least 15 rooms If you want to book or need further information, contact with NEOKONCEPTS Incentive Department ( or 0034 93 685 57 38). * This promotion does not apply to the group, just for the agent responsible of the confirmation * This offer is subject to availability     Share this... leer más

New Tax Law in Spain: Safe money with your Events

We are happy to inform that your event´s budget can be benefited from the new Spanish tax legislation. Being the budget nowadays one of the most relevant element in the decision making process, we are sure that this new tax advantage will be of interest to you. Since January 2015 this new tax regulation became effective in Spain (Article 69 of the law 37/1992 “Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido” and reinterpreted by Authorities for our sector in December 2014), which allows us, as Spanish DMC, to invoice European Companies without VAT if we provide all the elements for the organization of the event (accommodation, transfers, Food & Beverage, meeting rooms, AV production etc. etc.). Only what is considered by the Authorities as a complete service of event organization (“Servicio Complejo de Organización de Eventos (SCOE)” can benefit from this new tax law. In case just single elements will be booked via the DMC the application of VAT becomes effective again in for example accommodation, Food & Beverage, transportation, etc. If you or your client books the accommodation for example directly, you will be obliged to pay the VAT, while if you do this through the DMC you will be able to save this VAT. We invite you to contact us in case you would need further information about this new regulation or in case we can support you in your research for your upcoming event.  Our team will be delighted to assist you by calling +34 952 838664 or emailing... leer más

Welcome to Neokoncepts Spain’s first Blog!

SPAIN, YOUR EVENT DESTINATION Using this amazing opportunity we want to present to you one of the most outstanding and unique destinations in the world.   Spain is one of the most popular destinations for international MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions), DMC Spain. Whether you are planning to organize incentives, congresses or exhibitions, Spain is the right place to host your event, as it offers a large range of places and leisure activities that will certainly meet your expectations. It is a favourite destination for leisure and business visitors from all across the world, Spain boasts rich culture, versatile landscapes, colourful nature, top class gastronomy and centuries of art. Warm temperatures and little rain combined with distinct cities and regions add to Spain’s attractiveness as a business travel destination. Being strongly attached to its history background, the country offers a wide range of unique venues full of originality such as castles, wineries etc. You will have the opportunity to provide a memorable experience to your attendees and demonstrate your creativity in order to surprise them. You will be able to organize your events in cellars, historical caves, vineyards, historical buildings, theatres, flamenco clubs, or football stadiums… the possibilities are endless. The country also boasts prestigious and well-equipped hotels spread all over the country at reasonable prices. You will find diverse hotel categories, full of originality, from 3 historic hotels such as monasteries, palaces or castles; to modern hotels where you can hold your business events. Neokoncepts DMC Spain Incentives: Spain´s magic is specifically characterized by the strong connection between history, culture and modernity. Therefore, there are plenty of... leer más

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