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EVENT TIPS Now a days Virtual & Hybrid events are working well, but we all know that keeping the attention of the participants is not an easy task, and sometimes attendees fall into the temptation of WhatsApp messages, answering emails and more distractions that we all have experience during this events. When participants start to connect, it seems that everything is ready, but how to start and avoid distractions? What should we do to avoid the “automatic pilot of work in front of the screen” to an active assistant to pay attention, involvement and engagement? The moderator or presenter of the event plays an important role and in your toolbox you cannot miss a good collection of energizers to break the ice. Here some inspirational ideas and tips to make it success. Before we start, we have to be clear what is the goal of the event and what we want to achieve. A good start can be to invite participants to introduce themselves (sometimes this will not be possible due to the amount of attendees though), awaken the group with energy sessions, prepare some activities to work as teams, brainstorming sessions, basically encourage participation if possible. This will be easier if the participant´s know each other obviously. Avoid activities and topics that might cause controversy and consider the different nationalities-languages of the group. Maximum 15 minutes of ice breaking It is not about burning the assistants and leaving them without energy for the session, between about 5 to 15 minutes is enough to activate them and start. It is important to specify the activity, scale it and adapt... leer más

COVID 19 Travel Assistance in Andalusia for travellers

Enjoy Andalusia with complete safety! Andalusia provides all non-resident international travellers with free Covid insurance for stays at any type of regulated establishments in the region between 1st of January and 31st of December 2021. The coverage includes: TYPES OF COVERAGE INCLUDED: Types of coverage and circumstances covered in the case of infection with COVID-19 MEDICAL, SURGICAL AND HOSPITALISATION COSTS : The insurer will cover the following (**) : Medical and surgical cost and fees Pharmaceutical costs related to recovery from COVID Hospitalisation costs Persons covered: patient and companions.  “Patient” refers to the person diagnosed with COVID-19. “Companion” refers to the insured’s spouse or cohabiting partner, as well as ascendants (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren) of both members of the couple. “Quarantine” refers to the isolation of people for a time to avoid or limit the risk of spreading a disease. MEDICAL COSTS OF TRANSPORTATION AND REPATRIATION The insurer will cover the following: Ambulance costs or transportation of the patient from the place of first diagnosis to the hospital prescribed by the attending doctor. Costs of returning to the holiday destination from the hospital where the patient has been treated. Repatriation by air ambulance if warranted by the emergency or seriousness of the case (Europe and Mediterranean Rim countries only). A scheduled medical flight will be used for passengers from other countries. TRANSPORTATION AND REPATRIATION If a patient with COVID-19 needs to be transported or repatriated, their insured companions will also be covered by this insurance. Accordingly, the insurer will cover the costs of their transportation or repatriation, either to their habitual residence or to the place where the repatriated patient is hospitalised.... leer más

Converted Warehouse Venue in Barcelona

CONVERTED OLD WAREHOUSE IN THE CENTER OF BARCELONA This converted warehouse certainly is a great venue to hold your next event, great location, good size, multifunctional and with lots of different possibilities, with a nice Patio for a welcome drink or else… The owners carried out its textile activity in Barcelona in the past and they develope all the textile activity there until the 1960s. Is starting of that moment and foreseeing the uncertain future of the textile industry, when he moved the business to a smaller premises, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, and proceeded to convert the old facilities into various premises, in order to rent them to small industrialists, given its proximity to the Barcelona Fair. At the beginning of the seventies and to improve the performance of the space, they installed a lift, a garage and office space. Since the rehabilitation of the spaces, these can be used for creative and innovative activities related to gastronomy, art, architecture, interior design, product launch and more… Profile: Location: in Fira de Barcelona, Plaza España Capacity: Cocktail 250 pax, seated dinner 190 pax There is also a outside Patio for welcome drinks. For more info:  ... leer más

Hikking to the new hanging bridge in Malaga

The third largest hanging bridge in Spain What a nice half day activity will be to visit beautifull white villages, nature of Malaga mountains and visit the third largest hanging bridge in Spain. This 3 hour hikking activity is very pleasent, even though there is a part of the path were the final part close to the bridge is steep and good footwear is necessary for this activity, I would consider medium level. This new hanging Bridge is located in the area of El Saltillo, in Canillas de Aceituno, in a gorge that connects the municipalities of Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno surrounded by the peaks of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park.  The bridge is 50 meter long with metal walkways and is more than one hundred meters high from the surface. This route is about 8 km with medium difficulty with spectacular views and you can see mountain goats and some Bonelli’s eagle. We would suggest this activity to those groups they like nature and authentic white villages with a traditional meal in the village and a picnic on the mountain, this would last about 6-7 hours approx For more info:... leer más

LA Organic by Philippe Starck

LA ORGANIC FINCA Visiting LA Organic finca in Ronda designed by Philippe Starck and learning about olive oil production and organic products through oleotourism has been a great experience that we like to share with you. This Organic olive oil finca has 26 hectares of olive trees some 800 years old, surrounded by mountains and nature has fascinating views to the nature in Ronda. Here we can find also a chapel and an ecological farm were the fruits and vegetables and hand picked to be used in the restaurant and hotel. They carefully follow all steps to make the liquid gold, so its called the olive oil in Spain, in the most sustainable and ecological way. Olives are collected by hand and processed carefully. After a very pleasant walk through the finca, enjoying the different art pieces of Philippe Starck, we can see and learn about different olive trees and olive types, flavours and process, great memorable experience! They will soon create a Olive oil museum that will be integrated with the nature with ecological materials and ecosystem. In LA Organic finca there is a charming boutique hotel with 5 rooms, where you really feel at your countryside house in Spain. This location offers a great variety of possibilities when organizing your event, in the nature and 50 minutes from Costa del Sol. What else?… For more information:... leer más

Global ‘Safe Travel Stamp’ Secured in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Malaga has obtained a distinction from the World Travel and Tourism Council, which recognizes the safety of tourists visiting the city. This seal, awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), places the Costa del Sol capital on the list of destinations with the highest guarantees to travel in the world. The safety and hygiene tourist stamp aims to generate tranquillity for incoming tourists and helps promote and accelerate the recovery of national and international tourism. The ‘Safe Travels’ seal is the world’s first safety and hygiene seal, which has been specifically designed and created to address COVID-19. As highlighted by Rosa Sanchez, the Councilor for Tourism and Promotion of the City, “Malaga is a tourist destination that has all the highest travel guarantees and it continues to validate this notion with achievements like this stamp.” To obtain the WTTC seal, destinations have had to comply with a series of protocols and standards in the prevention of the pandemic. This distinction has been endorsed by more than 200 CEOs from the main business groups in the global tourism sector. Local destinations have committed to rebuilding trust among travellers and within the sector to boost its reactivation. These protocols have been developed following the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Global ‘Safe Travel Stamp’ Secured in Spain’s Costa del Sol... leer más


COURTYARD FESTIVAL IN CORDOBA Every year on May (2020 is from 4 to 17 of May), in Cordoba they celebrate the Courtyard Festival, this is unique opportunity to enjoy the private Courtyards and way of life of this historical city of Andalusia. During the Courtyards Festival, you’ll discover Cordoba’s lively side. Join in on the street celebrations and dance to the sounds of Flamenco while enjoying the scents of jasmine and orange blossom. The people of Cordoba proudly open the gates of the courtyards in the old quarter of the city during the days of the festival. They deck the courtyards out specially for the occasion with pots full of geraniums, carnations and jasmines that hang from the whitewashed walls. They can be visited at practically any time of the day and the hosts always give a warm welcome. There are often even flamenco shows and the chance to taste delicious tapas from Cordoba and Montilla-Moriles wine. The festival is celebrated during the first fortnight of May. It is not, however, the only chance you will have to visit the courtyards in Cordoba. This is a great opportunity to combine an event in Seville, Malaga or Granada with a full day excursion to this magnificent city of  Andalusia and enjoy the most authentic side of Cordoba way of life and courtyards in their most explendit moment. Here we can combine the visit to the Courtyards with the Great Mosque-Cathedral and the old town of Cordoba. Cordoba is situated in the interior of Andalusia where past and modernity blend in together. This thousand-year-old city, which has the World Heritage designation, is a living... leer más

Eco Friendly Sustainable Hotel

Eco friendly Sustainable hotel This four star hotel is in the middle of a wheat field, near the Natural Park in Navarra. The desert, the sunrise, the moon, the stars, its spectacular architecture and design. This Unique hotel has won twenty six prizes of Architecture and Interior Design. Space. The hotel is located in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, in the heart of Navarra, declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco; This place of semi-desert landscape is an unusual spectacle of naked appearance but full of natural treasures that make it a very rich place. The weather here is measured by the air, which is transformed into dry and warm air in the summer months, more typical of the African desert than of northern Spain or the empty, cold and sharp air during winters so common in polar areas. A perfect place to dream and be dreamed where this ecological hotel lives as a whim of the nature of the place, in its image and likeness, a body in a sustainable hotel with a unique architecture that has given it different awards internationally. There are two types of space at the Hotel: the cube spaces and the bubble rooms, all of them built with a sustainable architecture and respecting the environment. The rooms are characterized by taking advantage of the light of the place to the maximum through large windows, so much so that in the 31 rooms, the symbiosis with nature is a fact and at times you can doubt whether you are inside or outside. The sky full of stars. The sound of the nature. Hear and feel the wind whispering. The sun rising. Taste a different moment. Basically... leer más


THINK GREEN  Meetings, Incentives, Congress, Events  We all feel and need to be more aware that sustainability is a real need, and thinking on the future we will have to change habbits and even the way we live, eat, travel and work. So are you ready to encourage your colleagues, friends and family to be more aware about sustainability? “A sustainable event is one that considers the negative impact on the environment where it takes place, and tries to minimise it to the lowest possible level in order to produce the lowest environmental impact“ 7 tips for your sustainable event – Choose a local Caterer that the menu choices are created based on local and ecological food and beverage. – Avoid using paper as much as possible, communicate with participants with an App. Use Ipads instead of blocks during meetings… – Choose Accommodation with Eco friendly systems and sustainable company policies. – Saving resources, Use led lights, on displays and presentations. Generate your own energy with teambuilding activities. – Recycle waste as much as possible. Have specific bin set out for Recycling. – Use free trade products. The goal of fair trade products are to help people developing countries to have a better and fairer trading conditions and working rights, as well as to promote sustainability around. – Use electric powered transportation to reduce CO2 emisions. Eventually the sum of small actions is what makes the difference, this will improve the public image of your company and will inspire others to do the same. Contact us for your Sustainable Group program:... leer más

Hidden treasure in Penedes

This 5 Star Hotel is Unique, located in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) with 13 exclusive rooms, and 6 adaptable meeting rooms with space for up to 260 guests, Gastronomic Space, cellar, terrace, gardens and pool .. Its unique architecture emulates the Sinuous shape of champagne bottles on a tangle shelf and its roof features a mosaic that reminds to Antoni Gaudí. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique hotels in Barcelona, which promotes wine tourism and respect for the environment. The building was designed to be quite low, minimizing its visual impact on the surrounding area and includes solar panels, rainwater collection tanks, cross ventilation, biomass water heater, LED lighting and decoration and certified furniture to have a low environmental impact. With a stay focused on the culture of wine and cava, This is in a unique location overlooking the surrounding vineyards and wineries. Its 2 individual businesses, 10 Double Premium and its Deluxe Suite are perfect for guests who want to live a unique experience in the heart of the Penedès area. The hotel offers other services, Meeting and events rooms, swimming pool, cellar and culinary space In Rima, which is perfect for travelers interested in enjoying the best meal of local products. Located just 15 minutes walk from the center of Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona). Its location is perfect for all kinds of activities. So if you wish something different, don´t always do the same!   Contact us for more info and program suggestion... leer más


If your goal is to be in the nature, in peace, and organize an environmentally friendly event program, these are the hotels that will fit for this program! Definetely different to the usual hotels…. This Tree House hotel is in the middle of the nature and is an alternative accommodation inmersed in the forest and nature. With 10 Tree houses we can accommodate up to 28 pax and every tree house has its own identity and charm. For Nature lovers this is the place to live and experience with direct connection to the nature, tres and the surrounding ecosystem, the pleasures of an exile among the foliage, some nights in a nest placed in the framework of the branches of a beautiful tree. This feeling of freedom and privacy is unique, everywhere you look, you feel surrounded by the ease of the chirping of birds, and the murmur of the hidden secrets of the forest.. The Main House is a typical country house equipped with parking, reception, canteen, living room, showers, swimming pool and terrace garden. The Tree Houses The tree houses are, adapted to the size and to the nature of each tree that holds them, and are feature a rounded shape. Of 30 m2 of surface. The terrace of 10 m2 is thought as a space of rest and of relaxation, with delightful views to the forest and the Pyrenees. The Access to the tree house are through a suspended bridge and/or a vertical wooden ladder. To preserve the environment to the upmost, the tree houses don’t have electric supply nor running water. Each house is equipped with... leer más


CSR Children Shelter restoration Is there anything more satisfiying that helping those children in need? This is an activity where every company and individual will life an unforgetable experience in a personal and profesional way, with a very clear goal, helping those children in need. And we assure that all participants will give the 200% in this emotional activity! After this CSR activity your team will no longer be the same. Trying to provide the childrens of Children shelters a beautiful place where to pass their childhood we develop activities of renovation, redecoration and construction of educational toys in different institutions in Spain. An event where everyone wins. First of all the children, then the employees as the emotional recompense has no price as well as the company that reaches a major vinculation and sense of belonging by their employees. DYNAMICS The event starts with a briefing that includes the presentation of the institution and the general tasks that will be done. Participants will be split in different group, and will be introduced to their tasks by our staff. The number of participants at each group will depend on the work that has to be done. The most important aim is to improve the instatalations which has a direct impact on its inhabitants: children from 6-17 years that for different reasons can not live with their biological families. On the other hand side an emotional vinculation will be created between company, employees and institution that will last for our whole life. The shelter home is divided in different floors. 12 Bedrooms Shelter house. THIS IS A SAMPLE PROGRAM AND... leer más


The Basque Country has long been an unexplored region in northern Spain and southern France. But that’s all changing these days since it’s starting to show up on travel itineraries – and rightfully so. As one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally rich regions, it has a lot to offer visitors. From modern cities, quaint villages and green landscapes to world class cuisine and Spain’s best wine region – the Basque Country has something for everyone. The name Euskal Herria is how the natives of the Basque Country refer to their land. It simply means, “land of the Basque speakers.” And Basque has been spoken by the feisty inhabitants well before the Romans ever arrived. Their full history as well as the origins of their language have long been shrouded in mystery. However, their identity is very evident. This can be seen in the plethora of Basque music, dance, sports, festivals and food – all of which are celebrated with great fervor by the Basques. San Sebastian is also redefining the Basque image around the world with its extraordinary cuisine. The city has two restaurants ranked in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and in addition, has 15 Michelin stars spread across 7 restaurants. It is also one of the best places to eat pintxos – culinary creations in miniature form, similar to Spanish tapas but better. San Sebastian isn’t the only place to eat amazing food. And once you’ve eaten all that tasty food then a trip to Spain’s best wine region – la Rioja – is not far off. Bilbao is the heart of a metropolis with a population of more than a million people. It... leer más


Seville, located at the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, is the capital of Andalusia and one of the most populated cities in Spanish territory. It still retains the authentic characteristics of its ancient Arab settlers in its buildings and monuments, and boasts the largest old town in Spain. The Guadalquivir River, the museums and parks, the traditional tapas and cocktail bars move to the beat of flamenco music, which hints at the passionate and cheerful spirit of Seville. Walking through the streets of Triana, touring the monuments of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, or taking a walk through the María Luisa park are the best way to connect with their most deeply-rooted traditions, understand their daily folklore and get acquainted with the Andalusian energy. In the months of March and April the two most important festivities of the city take place: the Easter Week, and the Feria de Abril, a party that dresses the city of booths, flamenco dancing and live music, and where the essence of Seville is breathed in all its splendor. When you visit Seville you will find numerous accommodation options both in the historic center and in some of its most emblematic neighborhoods. Seville’s assets are a well-equipped meeting and conference city that does not end, by any means, with its monuments, culture and leisure.   The City is very well connected with International flights and AVE Speed train in Spain with other large cities of Spain like Madrid, Cordoba and Malaga, Jerez is one hour drive where we can discover all those beautifull sherry bodegas and the Andalusian Horse with a fantastic show. Seville... leer más


The Basque Country has long been an unexplored region in northern Spain and southern France. But that’s all changing these days since it’s starting to show up on travel itineraries – and rightfully so. As one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally rich regions, it has a lot to offer visitors. From modern cities, quaint villages and green landscapes to world class cuisine and Spain’s best wine region – the Basque Country has something for everyone. The name Euskal Herria is how the natives of the Basque Country refer to their land. It simply means, “land of the Basque speakers.” And Basque has been spoken by the feisty inhabitants well before the Romans ever arrived. Their full history as well as the origins of their language have long been shrouded in mystery. However, their identity is very evident. This can be seen in the plethora of Basque music, dance, sports, festivals and food – all of which are celebrated with great fervor by the Basques. San Sebastian is also redefining the Basque image around the world with its extraordinary cuisine.The city has two restaurants ranked in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and in addition, has 15 Michelin stars spread across 7 restaurants. It is also one of the best places to eat pintxos – culinary creations in miniature form, similar to Spanish tapas but better. San Sebastian isn’t the only place to eat amazing food. And once you’ve eaten all that tasty food then a trip to Spain’s best wine region – la Rioja – is not far off. Bilbao is the heart of a metropolis with a population of more than a million people. It is... leer más

La Noche en Blanco in Malaga

La Noche en Blanco in Malaga, every second weekend on May from 19:00 to 02:00 hrs The purpose of the Noche en Blanco in Malaga, whose name comes from celebrating after sunset, is to bring contemporary artistic creation closer to citizens. The common objectives of all the cities that organize White Nights are: gratuity, vanguard, citizenship and sustainability. It also promotes the exchange of experiences with the development of joint programs and the internationalization of local artists. The original festival is the White Nights Festival held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The white nights is the name given in areas of high latitude to the weeks around the summer solstice in June during which sunsets are late, sunrises are early and darkness is never complete. However, the concept as we know today has been initiated in Paris, with its famous Nuit Blanche festival since 2002.  Many other cities around the World have followed. Why Malaga? Malaga and the Costa del Sol joined this initiative for the first time in May 2008. The tenth Night in White of Malaga 2017 brought more than 200 activities spread over 92 spaces of the city and with a common theme, the dreams. Malaga is best known for its string of popular resorts along the Costa del Sol and the provincial capital has a charming historical quarter, excellent museums such as Pompidou, Picasso, Thysen and more, bustling shopping streets packed with great shops, a buzzing nightlife and city beaches lined with excellent seafood restaurants. On this special night, all the city’s residents and visitors take to the streets to see art expositions, visit museums and monuments, attend concerts,... leer más

Discover Architecture of Madrid

Learn about the Architecture in Madrid The architecture of Madrid is very wide. Along with old buildings such as El Escorial, there are other modern buildings such as the skyscrapers in the AZCA area near Paseo de la Castellana. This variety in architecture makes Madrid one of the top cities of interest for those professionals who are interested in architectural complexes. In this visit to Madrid we will explain the different building constructions by an expert and how were inspired! The contemporary architecture of Madrid has great gems buildings that should be highlighted – Mirador Building: Winner of one of the most prestigious architecture awards. The project came out of a Dutch architecture studio and was supported by the Spanish architect Blanca Lleó, with the intention of making officially protected homes from a different perspective. -Eco Boulevard de Vallecas / Ecosistema Urbano: The aim of the Project is the bioclimatic conditioning of the main Boulevard    – Torres Kio: They form the so-called Puerta de Europa. The name is because they were promoted by KIO, a company of Kuwaiti origin. What most identifies them is the 15º slope that both suffer, which constituted a real architectural challenge at the time. – Torre de Cristal: It is, together with the Torre Caja de Madrid skyscraper, the tallest in Spain. Possibly it is one of the most beautiful modern works of architecture in Madrid. – Parish Church of Santa Monica | Vicens+Ramos Madrid also has a large repertoire of ancient architecture that has become authentic works of art and that are undoubtedly the greatest historical attractions of Madrid. Contact us for... leer más

Saint Jordi in Barcelona

Celebrate Saint Jordi in Barcelona. The legend of Saint Jordi tells the story of a heroic knight, a dragon and the princess. The evil dragon terrorized the neighbors of a small village of the Conca de Barberà so, to avoid their attacks, they decided to give the dragon two sheeps daily. But it was not enough … so when they finished with all the animals they had, they decided that they would make a draw among the population and they would give the dragon one person each day to feed him. But the day came when it fell to the king’s daughter who, in tears, pleaded: “Forgive my daughter and I will give you all my gold and half of my kingdom”, but the people refused. Suddenly, when the dragon was about to eat the princess, Sant Jordi appeared riding on a white horse with his spear and golden shield to save the princess from the claws of the beast. Sant Jordi raised his long spear and stuck it in the center of the dragon’s heart, wounding it to death. Suddenly, from the spilled blood of the dragon, a rose rose with roses. Sant Jordi took a rose, went to the princess and gave it to her, while the princess wrote a love poem to the gentleman. For this reason, on the day of Sant Jordi (23 of April) men give a rose to women and women a book to... leer más

BIO FARM EXPERIENCE, Yoga & Ecological produce tasting

This Bio Farm is dedicated to offering  a real biodynamic organic vision of our products and will introduce you to the new techniques through a presentation tour of our dream Bio Farm in the valley. This old farm  and it’s valley have a history of peace, with eagles, foxes, rabbits and farmers, which will permeate you with  an amazing feeling of harmony. Cooking workshop: Participate in an informal and fun way to elaborate the principal authentic andalusian recipes (i.e: gazpacho, sopa malagueña, Paella etc). Learn and share the preparation and enjoy the final product. All our recipes will be mastered by an authentic Andalusian chef. All the products used are 100% organic. In this activity everyone will learn the benefits of eating Bio Eco food for your body and health, and changing few habits how your quality of life can be much better.  Yoga Lesson in the Farm: What a better way to relax than having a Yoga lesson in a fabulous peaceful natural scenery. This is an EcoFarm where the produce ecological products and obviously way of living goes along with what we eat. In this activity the group will learn the importance of healthy eating and practice Yoga, with a visit to the Eco Farm and explanation of the way they produce fruit and vegetables and all the good benefits and effects these products have on our daily way of... leer más

El Caminito del Rey – Malaga

The Gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a natural beauty spot, placed in the centre of the province, between the towns of Alora, Antequera and Ardales. This is one of the most beautiful spots of the Malaga Mountains. Between its steep and considerably high walls, the River Guadalhorce flows, after having passed through the reservoirs El Chorro (The Spurt), Guadalhorce, Guadalteba and Gaitanejo. This beautiful area, which hoards historical treasures and gorgeous scenery, lies in the middle of the Province of Málaga, and it is surrounded by the Serranía de Ronda and Antequera. It separates the plains Camplillos, Teba and Antequera in the northern part of the province from the Guadalhorce valley and the fields of Cámara in the south. Different nations have prospered throughout history at this place, which became rich in hydraulic structures and electricity sources especially in the last century. All of them are connected by the humble path called ‘El Caminito del Rey’ that goes along this nature spot – Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, in an unbelievable way. The Gaitanes Gorge is a canyon, carved by the river Guadalhorce in the territory of Álora, which at some points is only 10 meters wide and 700 meters deep. The nothern access to it is via Guadalhorce reservoirs and the southern is via El Chorro. The construction of a water channel from the reservoirs in the north to El Chorro, which was meant to make the most of the slope in a hydroelectric power station, was carried out together with a path for maintaining the channel. This one is known as El Caminito del Rey Path (The... leer más

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