COVID 19 Travel Assistance in Andalusia for travellers

COVID 19 Travel Assistance in Andalusia for travellers

COVID 19 Travel Assistance in Andalusia for travellers

Enjoy Andalusia with complete safety! Andalusia provides all non-resident international travellers with free Covid insurance for stays at any type of regulated establishments in the region between 1st of January and 31st of December 2021. The coverage includes: TYPES OF COVERAGE INCLUDED: Types of coverage and circumstances covered in the case of infection with COVID-19 MEDICAL, SURGICAL AND HOSPITALISATION COSTS : The insurer will cover the following (**) : Medical and surgical cost and fees Pharmaceutical costs related to recovery from COVID Hospitalisation costs Persons covered: patient and companions.  “Patient” refers to the person diagnosed with COVID-19. “Companion” refers to the insured’s spouse or cohabiting partner, as well as ascendants (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren) of both members of the couple. “Quarantine” refers to the isolation of people for a time to avoid or limit the risk of spreading a disease. MEDICAL COSTS OF TRANSPORTATION AND REPATRIATION The insurer will cover the following: Ambulance costs or transportation of the patient from the place of first diagnosis to the hospital prescribed by the attending doctor. Costs of returning to the holiday destination from the hospital where the patient has been treated. Repatriation by air ambulance if warranted by the emergency or seriousness of the case (Europe and Mediterranean Rim countries only). A scheduled medical flight will be used for passengers from other countries. TRANSPORTATION AND REPATRIATION If a patient with COVID-19 needs to be transported or repatriated, their insured companions will also be covered by this insurance. Accordingly, the insurer will cover the costs of their transportation or repatriation, either to their habitual residence or to the place where the repatriated patient is hospitalised....


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