THINK GREEN  Meetings, Incentives, Congress, Events  We all feel and need to be more aware that sustainability is a real need, and thinking on the future we will have to change habbits and even the way we live, eat, travel and work. So are you ready to encourage your colleagues, friends and family to be more aware about sustainability? “A sustainable event is one that considers the negative impact on the environment where it takes place, and tries to minimise it to the lowest possible level in order to produce the lowest environmental impact“ 7 tips for your sustainable event – Choose a local Caterer that the menu choices are created based on local and ecological food and beverage. – Avoid using paper as much as possible, communicate with participants with an App. Use Ipads instead of blocks during meetings… – Choose Accommodation with Eco friendly systems and sustainable company policies. – Saving resources, Use led lights, on displays and presentations. Generate your own energy with teambuilding activities. – Recycle waste as much as possible. Have specific bin set out for Recycling. – Use free trade products. The goal of fair trade products are to help people developing countries to have a better and fairer trading conditions and working rights, as well as to promote sustainability around. – Use electric powered transportation to reduce CO2 emisions. Eventually the sum of small actions is what makes the difference, this will improve the public image of your company and will inspire others to do the same. Contact us for your Sustainable Group program:...


CSR Children Shelter restoration Is there anything more satisfiying that helping those children in need? This is an activity where every company and individual will life an unforgetable experience in a personal and profesional way, with a very clear goal, helping those children in need. And we assure that all participants will give the 200% in this emotional activity! After this CSR activity your team will no longer be the same. Trying to provide the childrens of Children shelters a beautiful place where to pass their childhood we develop activities of renovation, redecoration and construction of educational toys in different institutions in Spain. An event where everyone wins. First of all the children, then the employees as the emotional recompense has no price as well as the company that reaches a major vinculation and sense of belonging by their employees. DYNAMICS The event starts with a briefing that includes the presentation of the institution and the general tasks that will be done. Participants will be split in different group, and will be introduced to their tasks by our staff. The number of participants at each group will depend on the work that has to be done. The most important aim is to improve the instatalations which has a direct impact on its inhabitants: children from 6-17 years that for different reasons can not live with their biological families. On the other hand side an emotional vinculation will be created between company, employees and institution that will last for our whole life. The shelter home is divided in different floors. 12 Bedrooms Shelter house. THIS IS A SAMPLE PROGRAM AND...


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